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A community where you can invest in multiple asset classes, earn a return, cash out if you no longer want to hold your investments.

Get paid

Get Paid

Receive payments in Ethereum or any other available currency of your choice.

No lock period

No Lock Period

Hold investments in illiquid markets like Real Estate, cash out your holdings on our liquid markets if you want to liquidate your holdings.

Investment Classes

We invest in multiple asset classes that yeild ultra high returns for club members.

Target Investments

Listed below are the assets we intend to invest in.

  •   Cryptocurrencies
  •   Real Estate Rentals
  •   AirBnB Rentals
  •   Real Estate Flips
  •   Tax Certificates
  •   Gold & Silver Trading

Sustainable Growth Packages

Capitalizing on blockchain-powered networks we bring investors together to make a profit from trading in multiple assests delivering ultra high returns to our club members.

0 to 0.5%Daily

No Lock Period

  1. Minimum : $100
0 to 0.6%Daily

No Lock Period

  1. Minimum : $1,000
0 to 0.7%Daily

No Lock Period

  1. Minimum : $5,000
Target Asset Value
Current Club Assets
Target club members
Actual club members

Why choose ERC20Club

Optimized to take advantage of the volatility in trading crytocurrencies and the appreciation in value-backed utility tokens.



Always available for your support request and work to resolve any issues. Client satisfaction and protection is priority number 1!



A transparent platform and community to grow your investments and cryptocurrency portfolio. We will always show vital fincancial data on club assets.

Referral program

Referral Program

Set up a stream of residual earnings by inviting people you know to ERC20Club. Earn 3% on all referrals.